InzichtenThe Rise in In-Office Surgery

The Rise in In-Office Surgery

Dr. Jack Parker is a corneal specialist at Parker Cornea in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. He discovered the SurgiCube® on his fellowship in Europe, while completing a fellowship with Dr. Gerrit Melles, pioneer of modern transplantation techniques and inventor of the SurgiCube®. Subsequently, he has incorporated its technology in his own clinic to enable safe and sterile surgery in an ‘in-office’ environment that provides more convenience for patients compared to a hospital.

Parker Cornea has two surgical rooms equipped with SurgiCube® and they also have a Toul Operio® which is used for lay-up and preparation. Parker Cornea is the only eye center in Alabama dedicated to the treatment of corneal disease, especially the most difficult cases. Internationally, the practice has a reputation for performing the newest and more technically challenging procedures, designed to be safer and more effective than standard surgical techniques.


The SurgiCube® has enabled Dr. Parker and his team to operate at one third of the cost of a hospital operating room and has major benefits in terms of efficiency.

“Compared to operating in the hospital, it is significantly more efficient to operate under the SurgiCube® than it is in the hospital,” he stated. “ A hospital is like an ‘angry anthill’, with people buzzing around, all irritated and confused by the bureaucracy and inefficiencies, which adds considerably to the time, expense, and discomfort associated with the surgery, for both doctor and patient alike.”

From a patient perspective, Dr. Parker has found that most patients are extremely glad to avoid a trip to the hospital operating room.

Added Reassurance

With the SurgiCube®, Dr. Parker and his team have additional peace of mind that they can perform surgeries in an in-office setting that would otherwise require an operating room.

“The SurgiCube® is a wonderful thing to have. It makes me feel safer. It makes the patients feel safer. It doesn't get in our way at all. It just sits there helping us,”