InzichtenPreventing Complications in orthopaedic Surgery

Preventing Complications in orthopaedic Surgery

Some years ago, the Vestre Viken Hospital, in Drammen, Norway, recognized the benefits of the Toul Meditech Operio® for orthopaedic surgery. Dr. Lukas Månsson, Chief of Services for the Department of orthopaedic Surgery and Emergency Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Hospital, has used the system since it was installed in 2015, and values the contribution that it has made to infection control, as well as cost savings.

The Toul Meditech Operio® has become a part of the Hospital’s infection control system.

“We have a very efficient or effective infection control program and have reduced the risk of many infections through this,” remarked Dr. Månsson.

Adopting New Technology

Within a short space of time, the Toul Meditech® was easily integrated into the surgical processes of the orthopedic department.

“With Toul Meditech Operio®, you do have to look through your processes. You have to ensure that the nurses and surgeons that use the system really know and understand it,” emphasized Dr. Månsson. “However, if you accept it and learn how to use it, you can maintain good efficiency, but you need to adapt it to your work level, or adapt your work-level to that kind of equipment.”

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“Considering the effects of the pandemic on the world in general, we have a huge backlog on elective surgeries on a global scale And of course, every technology that can reduce the risk of major surgery complications helps capacity in this context,” said Dr. Månsson. “Some orthopedic conditions already require enormous amounts of resources to treat, with long surgeries, and long stays at the hospital, but one of the biggest cause of waste in the healthcare environment is major complications, as well as over overtreatment, So everything we can do to reduce complications will free up capacity to address that backlog. I think it's extremely important that during the post-pandemic period we consider that we look at infection control and learn as much as possible from the pandemic experience. Infection control must be regarded as an essential system. And in infection control with regards to surgery, I would predict surgery with the Toul Meditech Operio®, can be a cost-efficient part of that.”