InzichtenEfficient, safe and fast patient pathways

Efficient, safe and fast patient pathways

‘The SurgiCube® is an operating cube that can replace an operating room for minimally invasive surgical procedures. Created and developed in the Netherlands around 2007, it was then deployed in several countries. Now operational since March 2020 within the Rothschild Foundation hospital, in particular by Dr Christophe Panthier, ophthalmologist surgeon, the operating cube is used not only for cataracts, but also for corneal transplantation or for eyelid surgery’.

‘Several centres also use it in neurosurgery, for example for the treatment of carpal tunnel. This device will modify the surgical environment during surgery such as cataract surgery. Filtered and creating an uni-directional air flow, allowing the creation of a restricted zone in Class ISO-5 standard’. ‘We are on a surgery which is under pure local anaesthesia, so the patient's anxiety is an essential factor. The SurgiCube® pathway will allow the patient to spend even less time in the hospital, but still in very pleasant conditions." emphasizes Dr. Panthier in the presentation video.

‘From a medico-economic point of view, this unit is much cheaper than a normal operating room, it can be installed anywhere and above all it makes the patient's journey more fluid and shorter. As a result, we can perform more operations over the same period of time, and this, of course, is less expensive for the community and makes it possible to meet public health needs with regard to cataracts in sector 1 without exceeding fees’ says Mr. Julien Gottsman, Managing Director.

‘This isnot a deterioration in the quality of care, on the contrary. This helps tospeed up care while maintaining optimal quality of care’.