InzichtenCEO of NewVision about SurgiCube®

CEO of NewVision about SurgiCube®

Mr. Koen Faes is the CEO of NewVision and he talks about SurgiCube® and his company. ‘NewVision is a network of ophthalmology clinics. We are not doctors ourselves, so we always go into partnership with a group of ophthalmologists. Every site, every clinic, is an independent entity where the ophthalmologists are our partners’.

‘We take care of the building, the infrastructure, HR, finance, logistics, all that, so that our partnered ophthalmologists can focus 100% on patients and ophthalmology. In order to be able to be competitive and to never lose quality, we looked at SurgiCube® as an alternative for the traditional technology to build sterile operating theatres.

‘For anoperating theatre in order to reach the ISO-5 cleanroom standard, you need alot of equipment, a lot of very expensive infrastructure. You need a lot ofenergy in order to provide that and a lot of energy to be able to keep anoperating theatre at this level. But for ophthalmology, you only need a smallsterile space to operate in’.

‘And that's exactly where SurgiCube® comes in. It provides you all the ISO-5 cleanliness you need to operate, but in a smaller area with more stability and a lot less energy consumption. And that's very important because energy prices go through the roof these days. And with SurgiCube®, we can control all that’.